Ground Screws
The Economical Solution


How it Works

Our specially engineered ground screws are a fantastic alternative to concrete footings in any application, be it fencing posts, deck posts, street signs, flag poles, addition supports, and more.

There is no need for an expensive dig job involving concrete and tubes. No more waiting for the concrete to set. 

A ground screw is installed in minutes and building can begin immediately.

The DingoTX1000

The DingoTX1000 is the only thing we need to have your ground screws installed quickly and efficiently.

At only 33 inches wide, the Dingo is able to maneuver in very tight spaces so that we can bore a hole wherever you need it.

Ground Screws

Our screws are capable of punching through solid rock. We have a variety of screws to choose from based on your particular needs. 

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